I am very passionate about photography its my life line


I am studying at the Arts University in Bournemouth AUB I am in my second year just complete my first year. Completed diploma in photography at the AUB

and mature student at the age of 40-ish spent around 20 years travelling the world 20 different countries with a real carefree attitude towards life very much intrigued and interested in spirituality science and art.

Because of my carefree attitude in life it led me to some very interesting places mixing with some very interesting people but finding myself very much caught up in a fast style life.

Because of this I was never really the kind of girl you had a camera in a back pocket if I had I probably would have recorded 20 years of something or somewhat like the lifestyle and times of Nan Golding but I didn’t.


But always being creative in life mainly through the heart of communication in meeting with other like-minded people and on many occasions travelling the world sitting under the stars talking language of the art.


I was born in the West Midlands from a council estate in Stafford moving down south of England at the age of 13 to a beautiful town called Lymington a small yachting village learning how to sale on yachts mixing with some very pleasant people meeting Princess Anne having my painting done with a very close friend by a great artist called Jason O’Sullivan it then went on to be hung in the National Gallery in London portrait Gallery.


I have 1,000,001 stories of interest from a very young age up until now and finding a keen interest now to express that I have the time and the freedom to be at one with oneself stop and see the world around me extremely blessed to be at the arts uni Bournemouth and very grateful to be studying photography and find myself exploring experimenting totally getting lost within the medium photography that is and is using that as my instrument to express inner feelings and emotions.

Experimentation is the key element to my love for photography I have taken over 10,000 images like Henri Cartier Bresson once suggested I have picked up I believe the tools in the knowledge of what it takes to make images within a darkroom working with the Chemicals old cameras and hoping to still keep growing in this area.

I’m very interested in experimenting with science I did do a science foundation degree at Southampton University. Studied technology.

So love playing around with my computer trying to be that bit different


  1. Hi there Margaret,
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my little corner of the blogosphere and the follow, your support is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing more from you

    Have a great Day, 🙂



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