Artist statement


The idea around the practice of working with letters is to explore an area that was uncomfortable for me. Being dyslexic I have tools that I use four-example audio dictation, recording sound conversations, speech to text or a graphic tablet, where I use a pen to write digitally plus mark making. I found this process to a certain extent allowed for me to let go of my preconceived ideas around art, allowing for a more freeing, sincere autonomous workflow.

Another interesting outcome that starts to manifest with the relationship that goes on when dictating to the computer and the use of hardware, software technology, often finding the computer over writing redirecting almost finding its own path so to some extent technology is the artist and allow for mistakes to happen and accept this as okay then the mistake becomes the work.

I also looked behind what a digital image is which is built-up of binary and hexadecimal, numbers and letters using software I would extract the code from the digital visual image until I was left with letters and numbers then using photographic software rebuild the images.


My approach towards work I create is very much practical, finding what I don’t like by doing what I love. Photography is my medium I have the knowledge and technical elements skills throughout all levels of photography. The area in which I work is called camer-less photography this is where no camera is needed and I work with in a dark room environment where this becomes a more hands-on approach. I find this kind of practice allows me to have a close relationship with the essence of photography for example the word photograph meaning drawing with light. The concept ideally is to allow the finished image to become the object photography demonstrating photography

I am exploring 3-demensional space with in analogue, camera-less photography. Coming from an exploration point of view of space, time, form and light and how to create this within my work. My practice is within a positive space to work from, meaning that I work with direct contact to paper. With in photography we are more often than not exhibiting finished work with in a 2-dimensonal space, so the idea is the photo becomes the object making this 3-dimensional